Innovation Technology
Using data accumulated over 30 years by experts with knowledge and know-how in each field,
efforts to consider both the environment and customer convenience combine to create
Coway's unique, innovatice technology.
Technology that leads
Foundation of Coway, creating the next momentum
Environmental Technology Institute
The R&D Centre is the foundation and the reason for the success of Coway. Environmental Technology Institute is the ideal we pursue with outstanding infrastructure developing world class products and study the very elements we care like air and water.
The best life solution creator
Opened in 2008 in partnership with Seoul National University, the most prestigious university in Korea. Now we are Asia’s largest air and water specialized lab, expanding to be the best life solution creator with over 500 enthusiastic researchers and 4,200+ patents.
Knowing what we are dealing with
We believe making a meaningful product starts from knowing the core elements itself like air and water. We believe only products developed with an understanding of pollutants and airflow can solve the various challenges that change by region and season.
Detail and data that matters
Different from most brands, we dive into every detail down to the filter’s raw material, fan design and aero dynamics. We analyse over 196 billion indoor air quality data and water samples from over 40 countries for the better development. We believe detail and data matters.
Our commitment to research and development
With experience we believe
We have dedicated to better life driving home appliance field for over 30 years. We have the most experienced experts in air handling with the largest air database. We have globally certified water specialists including 27 water sommeliers and 20 CWS* by the WQA*. * CWS : Certified Water Specialists * WQA : Water Quality Association US
Globally certified testing laboratory
Our infrastructure is at its highest level with 50 laboratories and 330 experimental devices. We are certified as the official testing laboratory in 11 testing standards* around the world including CB, TUV, CE, PSE and CVC for trusted test results worldwide. * 7 electrical safety, 3 environmental energy and 1 EMC.
For a safer, healthier and better lifestyle
Coway promises to continue believing that technology is the key for future innovation and to continue the work for the people, planet and the better future.