Customer Satisfaction

Business relevance & Approach

Prolonged COVID-19 continues to significantly affect the global home appliances market and people’s lifestyles and consumption patterns. Businesses are developing various contactless services in variety of business areas, ultimately leading to digital transformation in the service industry. The competitiveness of a business now lies in its capacity to incorporate digital technology to upgrade its products, services, and customer satisfaction.
Coway continues to make every effort to improve its customers’ living environment amid COVID-19 based on the expertise and responsibility for the air and water. We launched the “Smart Catalog App” by incorporating AR technology to actively communicate with customers regarding the value provided by our products, technologies, and services. We could also increase the customers' convenience by introducing the “Visible Counseling Service,” a contactless video counseling service, and the “Kakao Talk Counseling Service” on mobile devices. As a result, Coway was ranked first in the water purifier category in the “2020 Korean Customer Satisfaction Index(KCSI) Survey” as well as first in both the water purifier and air purifier categories in the "2020 Korean Standard-Service Quality Index(KS-SQI) Survey." Additionally, Coway was elected one of "Top 100 brands in Korea" in the first quarter of 2021 by Brandstock, a brand value assessment company.


Business relevance & Approach

As many aspects of our daily lives are changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the expectations and demand for digital technology-based innovation in the home appliances sector are also increasing. With people staying at home longer, there is a growing need for home appliances that reflect efficient space management and diverse lifestyles. Also, more and more consumers are aware of environmental and social sustainability in everyday life, and this contributes to the spread of consumption patterns that take account of not only the functional excellence of products and services but also the possibility of creating environmental and social values.

Coway launched the “Digital Transformation (DX) Center” in 2021 to turn these changes into new opportunities to maximize customer value. The DX Center will be equipped with a product and service platform that incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as the loT and AI and will lead all-round IT innovation in business areas. In addition, we will continue striving to produce competitive products and services and improve customer value through open innovation with competitive organizations and companies in diverse areas.

Product Responsibility

Business relevance & Approach

Amid growing interest in product safety and hygiene due to COVID-19, Coway has developed a management system for the best product quality in order to consistently provide safe and clean water and air. Coway's commitment to quality stems from a sense of responsibility to take care of customers' health and improve the quality of their lives.

Coway verifies products quality, safety, reliability, and environmental friendliness in all stages of planning, manufacturing, and using them. In particular, we operate international certification testing labs for product safety certification and rigorously review quality by diversifying testing institutions. We also operate the Infinite Responsibility Committee and the Trust & Quality Assurance (TQA) Center to promptly respond to issues related to quality and customer satisfaction. In doing so, we have earned customers’ unwavering trust and recognition, and we are thus growing into a leader in the life solution service area.