Where global leading designs are born
Coway drives harmony with the spaces reflecting user’s taste and a lifestyle,
and designs customer experience of everyday use without any inconvenience.
Design Innovation Centre
Coway’s existence is to make a cleaner, healthier and better lifestyle. The value of our time being home will take a big part in measuring our quality of life. So, we think beyond a product. The harmony of the people, product, space and experience is what we design.
Our Philosophy: Design Delight
Our design philosophy is “Design Delight”, which pursues a design that gives an intuitive delight for consumers who see, use, and touch the product and helps to have a better lifestyle through everyday user experience.
Visually and functionally delightful
We look closely into our consumers to see what is needed, where the product would be put and how it would be used. We crave for a design that matches with all lifestyle while considering the details like the material, size and functions to be visually and functionally delightful.
Designing a better experience
Seamless Simplicity, Furniture Appliance and 360° Design. We aim to see a balance between usability and harmonization so that our products are easy to use and blend beautifully with the surrounding interior and provide a better, healthier lifestyle.
Design Excellence
Our design excellence has already been recognized, not only in Korea but aborad as well.
Our designs have won a number of awards boasting world-class authority,
such as iF, red-dot, IDEA, Japan Good Design.
2008 ~ 2021
68 Products Awarded
14 Consecutive Years
2007 ~ 2021
62 Products Awarded
15 Consecutive Years
2010 ~ 2020
73 Products Awarded
11 Consecutive Years
2008 ~ 2020
55 Products Awarded
13 Consecutive Years
2006 ~ 2020
85 Products Awarded
15 Consecutive Years
2008 ~ 2020
177 Products Awarded
15 Consecutive