Top Innovative Coway Products at CES in Las Vegas

HyperCaptive™ Air Filtration - engineering excellence tackles threat of invisible indoor air pollution. Smart products that seamlessly integrate and make life better.People worldwide can experience the exhibition virtually on the CES 2022 Coway Brand Site.


We wondered… what would happen if we would send the smartest people in the business on a mission to better the lives of millions of people across the globe by offering easy access to clean water and pure air in their homes? Imagine giving them time, resources and the freedom to design and invent as they would see fit.

Yes, our designers and engineers had to change directions many, many times and spent days and nights drawing doodles, playing ball-of-paper-in-the-waste-basket-basketball, folding paper planes and scrolling Insta feeds, but then… it happened. Eureka! And it happened again and again!

You must feel the energy coming of this drive for innovation?



Alright, so we may have been exaggerating a bit… or a lot. Because bringing design innovations to market does not happen overnight and takes decades of painstaking research and development. But this is exactly what our innovative vision has been. Now let us take a step back and see what these decades of designing, developing and detailing have brought us.

We present to you, the best innovations at CES (January 5-7, 2022) in Las Vegas.

CES is the world’s most influential annual tech trade show where exhibitors showcase their latest innovations to the public. This year, Coway, “The Best Life Solution Company,” introduces the Smart Care Air Mattress and Smart Sleep product, combining the latest Sleep and Air Care innovation, for the first time with an interactive experience exclusively at the conference. The exhibit also features the new ‘Noble Collection’, highlighting Coway’s impressive product design as well as the Airmega lineup, recently released in the UK.

Those not in attendance can experience the CES Coway booth via the ‘CES 2022 Coway Brand Site’ brand site. The digital platform will feature exhibited products and special content with Coway’s global ambassador BTS.

Receiving the CES innovation award for the sixth consecutive time, the power of continuous innovation comes from Coway’s R&D and Design Centers. Coway has Asia’s largest air, water and life care R&D, holding over 4,200 intellectual properties and patents. The Design Center under the philosophy ‘Design Delight’ creates leading designs that are acknowledged by the world’s most prestigious awards.

Coway has received Red Dot Awards for 15 consecutive years and iF Design Awards for 14 consecutive years and strives to create the innovations that differentiate and make Coway stand out as the instigator amongst innovators.


Coway Airmega Mighty AP-1512HH


The Smart Sleep Solution for Better Sleep

Coway, striving for innovation in the air and water purification industry, revolutionized the mattress industry by starting the mattress rental and care service 11 years ago in Korea. Now Coway is ranked as Korea’s top brand in this category. As the world continues to look for ways to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing by offering better sleep, Coway now introduces an innovative new product and technology, the Smart Care Air Mattress, for the first time.

The adjustable Smart Care Air Mattress uses Coway’s proprietary, patented technology and detects the user’s body pressure and sleeping position and adjusts itself to one of nine firmness levels through Air Cells. Connected to other devices in the smart bedroom of the future by the IoT Smart Sleep Solution, the Smart Care Air Mattress prepares the room for bedtime as soon as users lie down on it, turning the lights off and the mattress automatically adjusts to the optimal firmness depending on individual body pressure.

Then, the humidifier and air purifier automatically provide the ideal air quality and humidity for sound sleep. When the Smart Sleep Solution’s sensors detect the user rising from the bed, the lights are turned on, the mattress is put in Relax Wake-Up mode and the humidifier and air purifier are automatically turned off.

The Coway Noble Collection

At the Noble Zone, Coway is displaying its premium design appliance lineup, the Coway Noble Collection, which demonstrates its continued dedication to smart design. It is a perfect example of the three key elements of innovative premium home appliance design that Coway abides by — design that blends into the space, optimized performance and an innovative user experience.

Three counter-top and one built-in UTS (Under the Sink) Noble water purifiers are displayed, all with Noble’s signature feature: the hidden smart faucet. This feature provides a user experience with maximum protection by hiding the faucet when it is not being used, demonstrating how unique design brings elegance, simplicity and safety.

Coway Airmega Jet


Airmega Lineup Recognized for Innovation and Design

At the Airmega Zone, Coway exhibits its main air purifier lineup – the Coway Airmega. The Airmega 150 has won three international design awards (iF Design Award, Good Design Award and IDEA Award) and is specifically designed for easy filter maintenance and cleaning.

The slide-out pre-filter feature stands out among all air purifiers. The Airmega 150 is available in trendy colors Dove White, Sage Green, Peony Pink with the special art series with botanical art, displayed at CES, coming soon. The Airmega 150, like all other Airmega models, operates with the iconic Coway HyperCaptive Air Filtration System to ensure pure air flow 24/7.

CES showcases Airmega 250 and 250S that have the coverage area of a larger sized air purifier, crafted in a compact and retro design and that will be available in the UK in Q2 of 2022. Fully adapted with smart functions like the Smart Mode, Rapid Mode and Sleep Mode, Airmega 250 and 250S will be an extension of the lineup that is already available; the Airmega 300S model offers the same top notch air purification, smart functions and mobile connectivity and is perfect for medium to large spaces.

Airmega Jet, with the revolutionary MegaJet™ technology, ranked 1st at the prestigious Swedish consumer electronics testing laboratory Testfakta. Airmega Hue & Healing supports comfortable sleeping while keeping optimal air humidity and cleanliness. Airmega Mighty (AP-1512HH) with ionizer ranked as the overall top pick by the Wirecutter of the New York Times for seven consecutive years and counting.


Industry Leading Coway’s HyperCaptive™ Air Filtration Technology

With decades of experience directed to solving the health threats that come with increased invisible indoor air pollution, Coway developed the industry leading HyperCaptive™ Air Filtration System with a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter and a GreenHEPA filter.

The air purifiers with aerodynamic technology pull the air in quickly and quietly, which means the air will go in and out of the air purifier multiple times per hour.


Coway HyperCaptiveTM Filtration System


Innovations from CES Coming to the UK soon

In the UK, the next step will be the launch of the much anticipated Under-the-Sink (UTS) water purifiers that carry world-class purification technology and are ideal for the UK lifestyle and environment. Why filter the drinking water while in the UK the drinking water is safe?

The answer: safe water and healthy water are two different things.

Coway’s water purifiers’ filtration system removes over 93 harmful water impurities such as toxic heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and endocrine-disrupting substances turning your everyday tap water into clean, pure and healthy water.