Healthy Business Tips: Kitty Cantina in Spokane, Washington

A sanctuary for cats and humans

Kitty Cantina is a Cat Café in Spokane, Washington, where customers can grab a cup of coffee and some downtime with a variety of fluffy felines. This cat-lounge-café hybrid partners with SpokAnimal, a local humane society, to give rescue cats a cage-free environment to roam while they wait to be adopted.

That’s where the humans come in: By booking a reservation, customers can spend quality time with the cats in a leisurely setting and even decide whether they’d like to take them home permanently.

With so much foot (and paw) traffic making its way through the space seven days a week, it’s no wonder that Kitty Cantina wants to keep its air as pure as possible for all of its inhabitants.

“In order for the Kitty Lounge (the cats’ living space) to be nurturing, it needs to be clean. Besides the obvious basics (surfaces, food, water), it’s also crucial to maintain air purity.” –Justyn Cozza, owner of Kitty Cantina


A business that’s not ‘kitten’ around

Breathable air is a priority for Justyn and his team. “Since the room with the cats is an enclosed space, we really can’t cut corners on cleanliness, and clean air is on the top of that list.”

In addition to a positive pressure system that pushes air into the lounge where the cats live and an exhaust fan that pulls to an external vent to maintain airflow, Justyn has also invested in multiple Coway Airmega Mighty (AP-1512HH) units for his business. He keeps these air purifiers running 24/7—and particularly appreciates some of the unique services they provide.

“I absolutely love the auto-feature,” Justyn says. Plus: “The pre-filter is easy to clean, and the design is sleek.”


The Coway Airmega difference

If “less is more” is your life motto, then the minimalist style of the Airmega 1512HH should be right up your alley.

Whether it’s removing cat hair or just clearing the air, small businesses, just like Kitty Cantina can benefit from installing Coway Airmega air purifiers into their own spaces. With Auto Mode (which automatically adjusts the fan speed in a room according to air quality) and a whisper-quiet sound, these devices work around the clock, so you don’t have to.

With HyperCaptive™ filtration systems with GreenHEPA™ technology, Airmega captures and reduces up to 99.999%* of airborne particles, down to 0.01 micrometres; that’s really tiny! It’s great for helping keep your business, your office and your customers healthy—and for keeping your four-legged friends purring happily.

To shop Coway Airmega for your business, visit Amazon or contact our customer service for bulk order.