5 no-brainer upgrades to make in the New Year for better air, water and health

Want to have a healthier year than last?

Of course, you do! We’re passionate about helping people live happier, healthier lives. Here are five no-brainer upgrades you can make to your home routine that will help you bring your A game into the New Year.
Go outside. Like, now.
Being in harmony with nature is the definition of health. When we spend quality, undistracted time surrounded by the natural world—plants, rocks, flowers, and water—our body naturally falls into a healing pattern. Get in as much time as you can walking in grass, sitting under a tree, or hiking a mountain. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the New Year.
More plants indoors
We have a symbiotic relationship to plants. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2. The plants have a somewhat opposite effect, supplying the potent oxygen our body needs to stay healthy and strong. Being among plants has an undeniable emotional effect as well, helping us to think more clearly and positively.
Breathe clean air while indoors
Most of us breathe indoor air much of the time, but do we know what’s going into our lungs? Indoor air is notoriously contaminated with fine particles not visible to the eye, like dust, bacteria and viruses.
In homes where gas is used, the indoor air can be much worse. To maintain clean air around the clock, place a smart air purifier like Airmega in the rooms you spend the most time in. At 73 m2 of coverage, the Airmega 150 is perfect for a bedroom, while the Airmega 300 or 400 are perfect for open living spaces.
Elevate your hygiene
When you think about health, you probably don’t immediately think about your bathroom routine. But, a more hygienic routine can mean a great deal better health for you and your loved ones. Wiping with paper can be an icky health hazard, not to mention it’s terrible at getting your back end all that clean. Without water, nothing is really cleaned off of a surface entirely. That’s where Bidetmega comes in. Advanced bidet toilet seats like the Bidetmega 400 can help you upgrade your bathroom experience, feel cleaner, and be healthier.
Drink plenty of clean water and eat fresh food
It goes without saying, but our bodies need fresh food and clean water to feel nurtured and supported. While our body is constantly healing, the food and water we put inside it is the fuel that makes that process possible.
Water purifiers like Aquamega take the guesswork out of water, with a triple filtration system that helps remove microscopic contaminants. For fresher food, look no further than the produce aisle at your local market. Just like Mom always said—eat your veggies.
With a little bit of tenacity and consistency, applying these 5 tips can help you have a transformative New Year. You may come out of winter feeling healthier and stronger than ever. Here’s to always being inpursuit of a happier, healthier life.